About Us

Founder, Howey Ejegi standing by jewellery display

Dele Jewellery is about the people who share the passion to follow their dreams and think outside the box. Founded by fashion model and digital creator Howey Ejegi, who was inspired to launch Délé jewellery named after his mother, who has been in the business for over 25 years. Growing up, Howey would visit showrooms and stockists to watch his mum select pieces and would help her set up display and visual merchandise in her shop back in Nigeria. He would watch men and women try on pieces and he saw how jewellery made them feel. A feeling of excitement that expressed individuality and style.

Howey wants to celebrate Confidence, self-love, and Positivity by curating high quality and uniquely designed pieces that you will find special.

Our gold pieces are tarnish free and guaranteed to last you a lifetime. Our silver pieces do not go black or fade either. We take pride in quality checking all of our pieces from our suppliers and ensure that they arrive to our customers in pristine quality. Our prices are fair and our designs are unique, that is because we buy our pieces from manufacturers who sustainably and ethically produce in small bulk.

We are based in Dundee Scotland, where all our products are curated, packaged with exceptional hygiene standards, and dispatched with plenty of Love from our team.


Stay Stylish!